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Being able to share our popular Y4C Activity Cards ON-SCREEN has been your #1 request!

And so, we are beyond excited to share this gorgeous, new interactive EBOOK, making it easier than ever to share the activity cards on-screen for remote learning or Smart Board projection, PLUS print the cards to create classroom displays, and more!

Empowering your students (and yourself!) with skills for social, emotional and physical well-being just got a lot easier!

Teachers, have you found it challenging to share mindful moments with your students virtually? You are not alone!

My occupational therapy students and I use the Yoga 4 Classrooms Activity Cards every single day. They have been incredible for helping with self-regulation - so empowering for my special learners! Since I’ve been teaching remotely, it’s been a bit more difficult to lead the activities as I need to hold up the cards to the screen to provide a visual reference. Having a digital version of the cards would be amazing!

“I took your Yoga & Mindfulness in the Classroom training and refer often to the sequence charts you provided for various contexts in the day like Energizing and Calm/Focus, Pre-testing, Community-building. It would be so helpful to click to be able to have the cards pulled up big on the screen for all to see, especially now during remote learning. I could see this being helpful when I get back to the classroom and can use my SMART Board, as well!”

I want to make little sequence posters for my classroom but I don’t want to ruin my precious boxed cards. I also can’t afford to buy multiple decks. How can I print and sequence various cards for my classroom displays?

Share mindful moments on-screen with the Yoga 4 Classrooms Activity Cards Ebook!

Get Instant Access to the Activity Cards Ebook + Two Free Bonuses...

  • The Yoga 4 Classrooms Activity Card Deck you know and love, now ready for you to easily share online
  • 67 activities plus dozens of extensions, category descriptions, teacher tips, and more!
  • New ebook "Quick Links" enables easy navigation between activities
  • Larger 6 x 8 size stands out on and off screen
  • Brilliant, colorful, interactive and engaging visuals, ready for you to start sharing with your students immediately after purchase
  • BONUS 1 - Instructional video - Let Lisa introduce you to the basics of how to use new ebook
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Author: Lisa Flynn

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Printable: Yes

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Used in over 60,000 classrooms worldwide, the Yoga 4 Classrooms Activity Cards are now available for immediate download as an interactive EBOOK!

  • The new digital ebook is a useful and practical tool for sharing Y4C activities as engaging visual guides on tablets, mobile phones, Smart Boards and computers.
  • Mindful moments provide opportunities for students (and adults!) to bring their attention to the present moment providing tremendous benefits for brains and bodies, physical and mental health, as well as focus, learning and community building.
  • Activities include child and classroom-friendly breathing, mindful movement, focus and relaxation activities, and so much more.
  • Perfect for all ages and abilities from preschool to high school, those with special needs - and adults and seniors, too!


Conscious breathing is a powerful tool for self-regulation. Let’s Breathe activities help us to calm and center, or empower and energize.

These seated stretches and postures help provide physical relief from long periods of sitting, improve focus, and keep the systems of the body functioning efficiently. At Your Desk breaks will leave you and your students feeling refreshed and ready to focus on classroom instruction.

Stand Strong activities provide simple, structured opportunities for students and teachers to stand up and stretch, balance and strengthen.

Whether used before a test, as a physical break from a long assignment, or to help improve mood, Loosen Up activities can dispel stress through energetic release, or introspection and focus. Community-builders cultivate students who are leaders and problem-solvers, have good self-esteem, cooperate and collaborate, feel a sense of responsibility for their classroom and each other, and are more likely to be happy and relaxed.

Movement, healthy food, clean water, plenty of rest – all of these are necessary to good health. So are relaxation, positive attitude, good self-esteem, mutually supportive relationships, spiritual growth, and joy. The Be Well activity cards offer a framework for beginning child-friendly discussions related to topics supporting the health and wellness of the whole child. Use them as themes of the week, areas of study, or on their own as morning meeting topics.

Imagination Vacations offer modified, child-friendly approaches to meditation. Through guided visualization, students learn to use their imaginations to connect to their own inner wisdom. Through mindfulness practices, students learn to bring their awareness to the present moment, the necessary state for learning. Students are empowered as their sense of self is improved, and the connection between their mind and body is enhanced.


Reduce anxiety, support social and emotional learning, build connections and help kids get ready to learn in your virtual and in-person classroom.

Brilliant, full-color, interactive, easy-to-use and ready for immediate download.

  • You might explore and practice these activities yourself, choosing one or more in the morning or to 'reset' as needed throughout the day.
  • Share the cards in therapy sessions, classrooms, at home and beyond.
  • Mindful moments can be practiced in just a minute or two.
  • Create activity sequences, easily navigating from one engaging activity to the next right on screen with the innovative 'Quick Links' feature.


Yoga 4 Classrooms helps children develop the self-awareness to realize how they feel and what they need; teaches them strategies to slow down, unwind and manage their emotions; guides them through movements that optimize their strength, flexibility, and balance; demonstrates healthy habits; and reminds them to love and forgive themselves. Y4C provides students with tools for learning and lessons for life - gifts that last a lifetime.

67 Simple Practices  

Features 67 yoga and mindfulness-based activity cards (front and back) which include illustrated instructions, discussion points, sub-activities, and educational tie-ins, for a total of more than 200 beneficial classroom practices.

Yoga 4 Classrooms

Classroom and Mask-Friendly

The activities were specially chosen for their suitability for the typical classroom space. That means all activities can be done standing beside or sitting at desks, while bodies and hands remain off the floor, away from dirt and germs. All activities are also 'mask-friendly', meaning none requires excessive exertion.

Whole-child Focused 

Activities include a mix of yoga postures, brain boosting movements, breath exercises, visualizations, mindful focusing activities, creative movement, community-building games and wellness and character-building discussion points addressing the whole child - physical, social, emotional.

I’m a school counselor and am putting together videos for my students and families to use at home.

Leading the Y4C activities is easy but it would be amazing if I could have the activity card step-by-step instructions on-screen as I teach. Thank you for all you do!

Lisa Flynn


Lisa Flynn is the founder and CEO of Yoga 4 Classrooms® and founder and former owner of ChildLight Yoga®. In addition to the Yoga 4 Classrooms Activity Cards, she is the author of the book, Yoga for Children: 200+ Yoga Poses, Breathing Exercises and Meditations for Healthier, Happier, More Resilient Children (Spanish version here) and its supplemental activity card deck, Yoga for Children–Yoga Cards: 50+ Yoga and Mindfulness Activities for Kids.

Lisa is an award-winning national presenter and trainer, school consultant and advocate for youth mental health and the integration of mindfulness in education. Her work has been featured in media such as Fox News, Education Week, Forbes, Greater Good, Parents, and Yoga Journal. She resides on the southern coast of Maine where she serves as a local school board director and mom to two busy teenagers.

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Yoga 4 Classrooms' mission is to empower youth with the skills they need to be healthy, happy and resilient at school, at home and throughout their lives. We provide in-person, live remote and self-paced professional development trainings as well as trauma and evidence-informed curricula and resources to schools, educators, counselors, therapists and others interested in supporting social and emotional learning, student success, and positive climate through the integration of simple, classroom-friendly mindful moments. Our programs and products have been successfully implemented in thousands of classrooms worldwide.

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